Plan B

As a working mother, you always need a plan. And then you always need a “Plan B”.

I had one of those “Plan B” moments last week when my summer babysitter called to tell me that she was in love and did not want to leave the west coast to come to New Jersey in May (3 weeks away). She had been our babysitter for many years and was essentially part of our family. So I was thrilled for her budding romance but unthrilled for her romance to rock my summer childcare plan.

So how does Plan B work?
• Always know that Plan A could fall apart at any minute.
• Believe, wholeheartedly, that there is a good reason Plan A is falling apart (and some day you will discover the teaching lesson of Plan B).
• Be open. Plan B might look very different than Plan A.
• Be active. Plan B means always having your feelers out.
• Be good to others – always. This is a weird one. But usually Plan B happens as a result of having good relationships with people. You may need to call on help. It is always best to ask for help from someone who knows you as a good person.

So how does the Plan B story end for me? Honestly, the story is not completely over yet. But I was standing on the sidelines of my daughter’s lacrosse game on Saturday and mentioned the unraveling of Plan A to a friend. She just happened to know of an au pair who had lost her position and was looking for a new family. The wheels are now in motion with Plan B. And if it doesn’t work out…there is always…   Plan C.