Baby Love – The Essence of Time

To quote lyrics of the Steve Miller Band, “TIME keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future.” But no, that’s not today’s featured song (though it is a great one). Before having children, when time was my own, I don’t remember having any sense of how quickly it flew. Admittedly, even when my children were small, there were times I thought some phases would never end – temper tantrums, changing diapers, laundry everyday, time-outs, food throwing … you get the idea. There were also times I wished would last forever. My daughter, Rosemarie. Currently finishing up her second year of college in the Great White North, she was recently accepted into the Italian program for next year – and it’s a year long. Not a semester, a year. TIME. When first considering this is a possibility, she called and asked what she should do. My response was what any good mother would say, “I want you to do what you want to do. I’m not going to make this decision for you. Making a Pros and Cons list also helps me to make a decision. I would hate to think of you being 48 years old and regretting that you didn’t go for an opportunity you really wanted.” Wow, that was tough! But in the big scheme, she continues to spread her wings of independence and fly … as it should be. As I mentioned previously, sometimes the actual lyrics don’t matter. The song, “Rosemarie” by The Flying Machine was released in 1969. This is one of my daughter’s many baby songs. Rocking her infant self and quietly singing this song, smelling her newborn smell, and wishing I could freeze TIME. And yes, I will be heading to Italy next Spring!

baby love