Working Mother Methods

Any person has only a finite capacity of physical time and energy. A working mom must carefully divide her energy between work and parenting so as not to overwhelm her capacity.  Each working mother has her own formula.  But there are some qualities and choices that are shared by groups of women.  We call these shared approaches Working-Mother Methods.

The PRIMARY DILEMMA™ identifies 5 Working-Mother Methods:


  • Workable: Is typically the primary wage earner. Spends more time and energy at work than physical childcare.  She is work enabled by someone else providing primary childcare.
  • Equalizer: Has relatively equal earning power to her partner. Shares equally with a partner in the management of work commitments and childcare.
  • Fully Loaded: Is a Single Parent.  Solely responsible for work and family.
  • Obliged: Has a majority of childcare responsibility and supplies a required second income for her family.
  • Parentess: Has a majority of childcare responsibility and produces a discretionary second income for her family.

The PRIMARY DILEMMA™ offers a simple quiz to help you identify your method.  Understanding your method can help you make the best of what you’ve got or transition to a method that will give you greater satisfaction. Click here to take the quiz.

The Workable The Equalizer The Fully Loaded The Obliged The Parentess