what is the PRIMARY DILEMMA™?

The PRIMARY DILEMMA™ recognizes that working mothers are not all the same. It is a tool that clarifies the dilemma of work-family choices (and non-choices) that we all face.

The PRIMARY DILEMMA™ offers guidance and resources to help you be more content in your working-mother life. It will help you refine your plan, engage your partner and treat other working moms (bosses, peers or employees) with new respect and understanding.

Too often, working moms are treated as an undifferentiated group.  Little attention is given to their unique motivations, pressures and support networks.   Working mothers themselves fall victim to the same mind-set and naively compare themselves with friends and co-workers, saying things like, “She is more successful” or “She spends more time with her kids.”  Have you ever done this?

Stop comparing.  There are unique factors that will contribute to each of our individual successes and setbacks.

The PRIMARY DILEMMA™ is based on the experiences of more than 100 real working moms who have shared their stories and strategies.  Their generosity and honesty fueled the creation of three thought-provoking concepts:

Working Mother Methods Contentment Map Primary Ps

Use the PRIMARY DILEMMA™ to help guide your working-mother formula.  Thrive in your own identity!  Remember strong, fulfilled, engaged moms are more effective at work and raise confident, happy, and able kids.